The Necessity of Bad Games or, How I Learned to Love the Bottom Line

Hi! I wanted to share some discourse on how critically panned games make it to the shelves, despite everyone involved knowing it will flop. So fun story: the text document of this was acting up, so I just screencapped the original version. Professional field decisions!


Wattah! ~M.


How Video Games Became Political

In light of recent controversy surrounding the state of games journalism, and how they handle heavy topics, I figure a copy of my apologetics for writers would suffice as a first taste. This was one of my first write ups after studying media and psychology.





Hey, I Have Writing Samples!

Hello! My name is Devin Hall, the cool kids call me Maestro (that’s a lie, they call me when they need help installing Wifi). I decided to make a unified place to put any videos, articles and photography pertinent to my future endeavors. I’m on the brink of applying to some exciting places that need to see I have a working knowledge of op-eds and reviews and what not. So do me a favor, and stick around for some gnarly uploads, 90’s kidz….

I got jokes. Old jokes, bad jokes, just unfunny jokes.

I got jokes. Old jokes, bad jokes, just unfunny jokes.