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I’m working on reviewing Destiny on the PS4? Dip!


A Brief Discourse on P.T.

Hi! After leaving the room three times to cry, me and the roommates finished P.T. the teaser for the new Hideo Kojima x Guillermo del Toro backed Silent Hills. I talk about why everyone, from the consumer to Let’s Players enjoy playing and watching horror games despite a natural fight-or-flight instinct built in.

Here go!

Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars Review

Hey remember when I said I like JRPGs? I meant it. When my local Gamestop connect tried pushing a Persona-like Vita game on me, I bit hook, line, and sinker. The letdown that happened is palpable throughout my slow demystifying ride through what became a shadow of better games.

This is, incidentally, the posted version on one, a site I hold dear to my heart. I use my namesake on their occasionally to write and review, as a sort of testing grounds.

Conception II Review

Hey, I Have Writing Samples!

Hello! My name is Devin Hall, the cool kids call me Maestro (that’s a lie, they call me when they need help installing Wifi). I decided to make a unified place to put any videos, articles and photography pertinent to my future endeavors. I’m on the brink of applying to some exciting places that need to see I have a working knowledge of op-eds and reviews and what not. So do me a favor, and stick around for some gnarly uploads, 90’s kidz….

I got jokes. Old jokes, bad jokes, just unfunny jokes.

I got jokes. Old jokes, bad jokes, just unfunny jokes.